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Good Legislation

We believe in our patients’ rights and here are some of the bills we support.

March 13, 2023


If passed, this would decriminalize the possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana, and instead a fine of $25 would be imposed with no possibility of jail time. The penalty for smoking in public would become a summary offense punishable by only a $100 fine. The bill also mandates that a violation will no longer result in any driver’s license suspension.

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Expanding Program to Include Edibles

If passed, this would allow the state to expand the program to include edible medications beyond pills, tinctures, and liquids.

Many patients require gradual, long-term relief, and edible cannabis medication is among the best ways to achieve it.

Adult-Use Legalization

We believe that all adults 21 and older should have unrestricted access to legal, and safe marijuana products. Individuals have a variety of reasons for adding cannabis to their routines and shouldn't always need medical oversight to do so. Adult use is about empowering individuals to take control over their own well-being.

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Removal of DUI Penalties for Legal Medicinal Cannabis Use

We supports SB 363 (Senator Bartolotta) which would require proof of actual impairment for a DUI conviction.  Under current Pennsylvania state law, a person is guilty of DUI if they drive with any amount of a Schedule I controlled substance or its metabolite in their blood.  We know from research that THC metabolites remain in the body long after the effects of cannabis wear off, and the mere presence of THC metabolites is not a reliable indicator of impairment it only indicates that a person has consumed cannabis.

This bill, if passed would treat medical marijuana patients the same as patients using other prescription medications by requiring actual proof of impairment.   This legislation is essential to ensuring that patients are not being charged with a DUI for the mere presence of non-psychoactive metabolites and without proof of actual impairment.

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Staff at Erie location is super helpful and knowledgeable of all products being sold. They take the time to listen then answer questions. Never felt rushed or pressured into buying a product. My go to dispensary from now on.


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Everyone knows exactly what they are talking about with excellent recommendations. Goodblend has their own brand, FLOAT, which is the best high quality flower out there in PA. I would recommend Goodblend over any of the other local medical dispensary in Erie, PA.


Aaron P


Everyone there is great and they have discounts almost every day. The pharmacists has been great about helping me navigate meds with my newly formed epilepsy. And everyone is always friendly and helpful!


KC S. 


Goodblend, Has been a godsend thank you so much for your support and your great great medicine, You guys go above and beyond .


C.J. M.

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