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Bubble Me Up, Babe

Live Solventless Bubble is here, and not to be dramatic but it’s literally everything you could possibly want in a concentrate.

June 29, 2023

But I’m mostly a flower person, concentrates aren’t my thing.

Live Solventless Bubble is a solventless concentrate made by filtering fresh, undried medical marijuana flower through an ice water bath to collect the trichomes (aka the good stuff), then freeze-dried to preserve the tasty terpenes and potent cannabinoids that make up the true essence of the strain.  

The result is a natural concentrate that’s soft, powdery, and easy to sprinkle onto your favorite flower. It’s also incredibly versatile. 

Want to pump up the potency? 

Live Solventless Bubble typically tests at 40-65% THCa with 2-5% terpenes.

Want to customize your medical marijuana consumption? 

Try combining a new Bubble Live Solventless Bubble strain with your favorite flower, you little mixologist you. 

Want that OG experience?

Okay, OG, we see you. Leave your Live Solventless Bubble outside the fridge and it’ll morph into the thicker, pastier ball of hash you know and love.  

Pro Tip

Stash your Live Solventless Bubble in the fridge to keep it dry & fresh.

Strain availability will vary by location. 

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Staff at Erie location is super helpful and knowledgeable of all products being sold. They take the time to listen then answer questions. Never felt rushed or pressured into buying a product. My go to dispensary from now on.


Wally B.


Everyone knows exactly what they are talking about with excellent recommendations. Goodblend has their own brand, FLOAT, which is the best high quality flower out there in PA. I would recommend Goodblend over any of the other local medical dispensary in Erie, PA.


Aaron P


Everyone there is great and they have discounts almost every day. The pharmacists has been great about helping me navigate meds with my newly formed epilepsy. And everyone is always friendly and helpful!


KC S. 


Goodblend, Has been a godsend thank you so much for your support and your great great medicine, You guys go above and beyond .


C.J. M.

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